Free Christmas flute sheet music

Free Christmas flute sheet music notes

The Christmas carols and songs on this page are all arranged for easy flute by me and are free to download and print out. The melodies are all public domain and are uploaded in PDF format and can be viewed using a PDF reader that can be downloaded for free on the Internet!

Free flute scores (PDF

Flute reading tips:

How to play the flute

The flute is a beautiful sounding woodwind instrument, which can be played as part of an orchestra, band, or enjoyed on its own. The flute is also the oldest known musical instrument - in fact, flutes dating as far back as 43,000 years ago have been found in parts of Western Europe. Read more at WikiHow

Should I take lessons, or instead teach myself?

There are advantages to both ways. You may be a person who will benefit more from personal instruction than from reading a book like my How to Love Your Flute. Or you may be the type of person who needs the deadlines of a scheduled lesson to get you to practice. If you are serious about performing classical music, you will want to become absorbed in a tradition that seems imparted best in a teacher/student relationship. Read more at

Flute player James Galway

Sir James Galway (born 8 December 1939) is a Northern Irish virtuoso flute player nicknamed "The Man With the Golden Flute". Following in the footsteps of Jean-Pierre Rampal, he became one of the first flute players to establish an international career as a soloist. Read more at Wikipedia

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