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Here you will find an increasing number of melodies with both trumpet notes and piano accompaniment. You can print out the melodies without restrictions. The melodies in the scores are arranged for Bb trumpet.

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You're the Star When You Play the Trumpet - Get Used to It Early!

By Brett Manges

No doubt, playing the trumpet is fin and exciting.� Trumpet players are usually not the wallflower type, but the "take a look at me" type. As exciting as playing the trumpet can be, players who get used to sitting in the section sometimes get anxious when it comes their time to solo or be in the spotlight. One great solution is to really develop that trumpet attitude early on, and start playing in front of others when you're just learning how to play the trumpet.

When you start learning to play the trumpet, you stink. Admit it. It's not a bad thing - you're a beginning trumpet player. You're expected to stink. And it's a perfect time to get used to playing in front of other people. Yes, no matter how much you stink. You might end up learning who your real friends are, but it will establish the right trumpet attitude early on, and reduce the chance of debilitating stage fright when the time comes to be in the spotlight.

What's the trumpet attitude? It manifests itself in a variety of ways. It can be seen by others as obnoxious or charismatic, but the common characteristic is confidence.

Think about people you know who play the trumpet well. Do they strike you as shy, or hesitant to say, "hey, check this out"? In any group, trumpet players have the volume & the power to screeeam over the rest of the group. Whether we choose to or not is our prerogative, which is why the others instrumentalists either love us or hate us. But if they hate us, we can easily win them over with a sweet melody of a love song.

You need that air of confidence to really play the trumpet well, and you can take this as far as your personality will let you. That doesn't mean you don't need to be a jerk, and female trumpeters can still be feminine. When you're a trumpet player you're the star, not a wallflower. You're meant to be heard!

You might be thinking, "Well, I suck, I've only been playing a few days or weeks. I don't want anyone to actually hear me!" If you start with that attitude, you'll never stop, because the better you become, the more you'll realize everything you still want to improve. That's all the more reason to get in front of people. They'll be very forgiving (even if they tease you or give you a hard time), and it helps you develop the attitude and get you used to playing in font of an audience. Other trumpet players are a great group to play in front of (outside of band class) and can provide some fantastic learning opportunities.

When you're used to playing in front of others, that trumpet attitude will really support you when you need it. Every trumpet player's time comes to be in the spotlight. That spotlight might be on a real stage in front of a live audience, or it may be a small solo in your band class. Some players will thrive in that spotlight, and others will really struggle with nerves - especially after playing a wrong note in public. Take advantage of your beginner status when people expect you to play wrong notes. The sooner you get used to playing solo in front of others, the stronger that trumpet attitude will be for you.

Brett Manges is the creator of, the video trumpet lessons online program. For more tips on how to play the trumpet, including a free sample of the video trumpet lessons, please click the link to visit us!

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