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Easy ukulele chords and tabs

On these pages you will find my arrangements of popular songs and melodies arranged for easy ukulele. The songs have the melody written with sheet music notation, lyrics and chord diagrams for uke. The melodies with popular melodies and Christmas carols have traditional sheet music notation and corresponding ukulele tabs below the notes indication which fret and which string to play. The scores you will find on my site have been uploaded in PDF format. This ensures that the uke tabs will be printed in high quality. In order to see the sheets you have to install a PDF reader for free. You will find many free applications on the Internet!

Ukulele tabs notation

Easy ukulele melodies written with traditional notation and tablature. Including Happy Birthday To You, Auld Lang Syne, Fur Elise and Love Me Tender.

Ukulele songs

Popular songs written with melody and  ukulele chords. Including Morning Has Broken, Tom Dooley, Clementine and Amazing Grace.

Christmas ukulele tabs

The melody to popular Christmas carols written with traditional notation and ukulele tablature. Including Jingle Bells, Silent Night, O Holy Night and O Christmas Tree.

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Ukulele reading tips:

Learn To Play Ukulele

This is my absolute beginners guide to playing the ukulele and assumes no prior musical knowledge. The idea is that it'll get you singing and playing lots of tunes, and it won't have been a struggle. The ukulele is an easy instrument to learn, and quickly rewarding. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it and not get bogged down. If you're finding anything tricky, go and have a cup of tea. Read more at

Top Ten Ukulele Tips For Beginners

There are quite a few of these “Top 10 Tips” out there on the internets. I’ll try to add something to that with my own personal Top 10 Tips for beginning ukulele players. When I bought my first ukulele I was completely unprepared, but I had the advantage of having some guitar background though. I’ll try to give you some really useful tips that will give you a jump start when you begin playing the ukulele. Make sure to also check out the before buying an ukulele guide and ukulele buying guide. Read more at

If you do one thing this month … learn to play the ukulele

We’re in the midst of a mini ukulele boom – sales are surging and children are more likely to pick up a ukulele at school than a recorder; perhaps because they sound better and they’re even easier to learn. Taylor Swift plays, as does Meghan Trainor, with her ukulele acoustic version of All About That Bass. Read more at

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